Curriculum Structure

The Study Program Curriculum Development Team (Prodi) at the Faculty of Sports Science (FIK) Yogyakarta State University (UNY) compiles a curriculum guided by the curriculum development procedures that have been set out in the University Curriculum Guide book (UNY). The curriculum used in the 2020/2021 academic year is the Independent Learning Curriculum-Independent Campus based on the Decree of the Rector of the Yogyakarta State University No. 7.23/UN34/IX/2020 regarding the curriculum of the Faculty of Sports Science, Yogyakarta State University in 2020. Curriculum development is carried out referring to the Independent Learning Curriculum - Merdeka Campus. This curriculum is adjusted to Permendikbud Number 3 of 2020 concerning National Higher Education Standards which stipulates that students have the right to study for three semesters outside the study program. The development of the study program curriculum at FIK UNY follows the Rector's Regulation Number 5 of 2020 concerning the Independent Learning Curriculum - Independent Campus for the Applied Undergraduate and Undergraduate Program, Yogyakarta State University.