Student Profile

The profile of graduates of the Faculty of Sports Science, UNY is as a scholar who is devoted to God Almighty, conscientious, independent, intellectual and becomes a creative, sporty, adaptive sports person based on Sympathetic, Professional, Optimistic, Rational, Piety, Innovative, Futuristic (SPORTIFY). Each graduate of the study program is entitled to the following degrees:

Study Program        Bachelor's Degree
BSSBachelor of Sports Science (S.Or.)
BPEHRBachelor of Physical Education, Health, and Recreation (S.Pd.)
BSCE Bachelor of Sports Coaching Education (S.Pd.)


Bachelor of Primary School Physical Education (S.Pd.)

Note.: All of the above study programs are graded S.1.

Graduates of the Faculty of Sport Science have job opportunities in government and private institutions, as physical education teachers, health, sports coaches, recreational sports coaches, fitness instructors, therapy and rehabilitation, sports managers, and career and entrepreneurship officers.