Vision & Mission


The Faculty of Sports Sciences has the vision to create competitive and innovative physical education, coaching education, and sports sciences at national, regional, and international levels.


To achieve the vision, FIK UNY carries out missions, which include:

1.   Conducting quality academic activities that can keep up with the times and advancement of technology;
2.   Conducting innovative and quality research and community service program;
3.   Improving the quality of teachers/lecturers, educational personnel, supporting facilities and infrastructure that can keep up with the times;
4.   Improving students' achievement in sport, reasoning, entrepreneurship, particular interests, and others;
5.   Improving the quality of academic publications;
6.   Strengthening and improving resources, institutional management, cooperation, and networking with other institutions, both domestic and international.



We are motivated and committed to reach our vision and mission; therefore, we need to determine our core values that act as our behavioral foundation and spirit to implement the vision and mission we created. These core values originate from the vision of Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta.

Pursuant to the core values of the university, the Faculty of Sports Sciences is expected to continuously foster the values of kindness and intelectualism among its academicians to reach the vision and mission of the institution. These values are known as SPORTIF, which stands for Sympathetic, Professional, Optimistic, Rational, Taqwa (Fear of God), Innovative, and Futuristic. The academicians of the Faculty of Sports Sciences are expected to hold SPORTIF values and spirit to support the vision and mission of FIK and UNY in general.



Vision, missions, and core values are the steps or the foundation to develop FIK UNY as an excellent and innovative higher sports education institution in Indonesia. Besides the three aforementioned aspects, FIK UNY uses a guideline to set its development direction and work program for the next four years. Some work programs needed to be done to support the development of FIK UNY include:
1.   Improving the quality of education and teaching through improvement of the quality of human resources (lecturers and educational personnel) to produce graduates with high competitiveness in the professional world.
2.   Improving the quality of research for development of science and utilizing research results so that they have impacts on promoting innovation and quality of education.
3.   Improving the quality and benefits of FIK UNY community service program to ensure it brings greater benefits to the community and for the national development.
4.   Managing and improving good governance at FIK UNY in order to effectively and efficiently implement the Three Pillars of Higher Education Institution with better quality and greater accountability.
5.  Implementing, managing, and playing a mentoring role in students' activities to help students earn an achievement, grow to maturity, and strengthen their competence to keep up with the times.
6.   Strengthening and empowering alumni to expand FIK UNY's network and increase opportunities for its gradutes in the working world.
7.   Developing and expanding mutual and cooperative network with stakeholders including the government and private parties at national, regional, and international levels for development of the institution.