The Faculty of Sports Science Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta celebrated its 70th birthday on October 1, 2021. It is no longer a young age; it is mature. As a higher education institution, FIK UNY strives to develop science and institution through the existing study programs, and open new study programs based on the advancement of science and technology. In addition, pursuant to its vision to create an excellent, creative, and innovative Faculty of Sports Sciences based on the value of taqwa (fear of God), independence, and intellectualism in 2025, FIK implement a mission to carry out the three pillars of higher education institution, implement a good governance, create a creative and innovative learning environment, and cooperate with other institutions. To reach the vision and mission, FIK coins the motto 'SPORTIF' which stands for Sympathetic, Professional, Optimistic, Rational, Taqwa (Fear of God), Innovative, and Futuristic. This motto is the spirit with which FIK lives and works.

The DIES began with the dean of FIK, Prof. Dr. Wawan Sundawan Suherman, M.Ed., presenting the annual report, which describes all researh and teaching programs implemented from October 2020 to September 2021, FIK UNY's human resource conditions including ranks and education of lecturers and other educational personnel, general affairs, administration, financial affairs, student affairs, as well as public relation and cooperation affairs. This year's anniversary theme was Pendidikan Jasmani Berkarakter Mulia Untuk Indonesia Tangguh (Noble Physical Education for Resilient Indonesia).

Representing all UNY's members, the Rector of UNY, Prof. Dr. Sumaryanto, M.Kes., said happy anniversary while delivering his speech. He was hopeful that FIK UNY can maintain its unity, increase its popularity and improve welfare of its people. There are hopes and dreams for a more developed FIK UNY, from both institutional and pedagogical perspectives. This dream will come true if all parties including leaders, lecturers, educational personnel, and students put in the effort. The opening of a campus building in Gunungkidul is part of this effort, expecting that numerous facilities, either for sport or education, will be built in the future.

As a speaker at DIES FIK UNY, Drs. Wahyana, an alumnus of FIK UNY (formerly known as IKIP Negeri Yogyakarta) batch 1983, shared his good and bad moments, from having his motorcycle stolen, class being canceled, to graduating from the program after the dean saw his transcript and said that he had collected enough credits to finish the study. Now becoming an international referee, Drs. Wahyana has been through a very long journey. He was a volleyball athlete before he stopped playing due to ankle injury. He was then asked to be a line judge for badminton competitions in Sleman district. He also received training for a referee at district (Sleman) and province levels, and took the National B test before receiving "the best graduate" title. After 2006, he was asked to take the National A test for referees in which all exams and interviews were conducted in English. It was the beginning of his journey to study the details of referee in English.His hard work paid off; he passed the test. He kept upgrading himself until he earned the highest certification for badminton referees and became a referee at the most prestigious sporting event, the Olympics.

DIES event was conducted using a hybrid system, integrating both online and offline meetings in which leaders of UNY and FIK as well as educational personnel and students of FIK were present. The offline meeting was held at the Main Conference Room on the third floor of FIK's Academic Service Building (Gedung Pelayanan Akademik/GPLA). Rector, vice rector for planning and cooperation, DIES speaker Drs. Wahyana, dean, vice dean, Senate's chairman, secretary and members, head and secretary of the department, head of study program, as well as representatives of the students attended the event solemnly.